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Our public domain can be defined as the place where the other perceives me and one perceives itself: (1) share what we know (2) I know what the other doesn’t know, being the private domain. (3) The other knows what I don’t know, is the unconscious domain. (4) Complete terra incognita is what the other and me do not know, the subconscious domain.

The other or me can be persons, organisations or even countries. For good diagnosis and decisions, sharing to the max is best. It makes the public domain larger and leads to more knowledge and insight. Sensing of, listening to or your just asking the other on one hand and telling, expressing your thoughts and emotions on the other hand are both ways to enlarge your public domain. Larger public domains do a great job, reduce isolation and segmentation and is stairway to more common ground, which is often a nice place to be. © Q-Dock, all rights reserved.

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