The Politician-Citizen Divide

Today the politician-citizen divide seems to be huge. So many citizens (Terra Cotta*) do not recognize that politicians (Violet Tulip*) represent their values properly or fulfill the promises (to deliver) they made during the campaign and election process.

On the other hand the chosen politicians do spend – in the relatively short 4 years governing period – most of their time on intensive debates fighting not only the other political parties in numerous meetings of the elected councils, but also in controlling the governing councils and in struggling with the always alert and critical media.  There is not much time for the citizen. Only during election time you find politicians in the streets and in the homes. To put it in general. The vote is what really counts. After that they step back into the arena of power and influence (Machiavelli).

This divide is worrisome, to put it straight forward. The democratic system shows cracks in its shiny plate, more and more. The fabric of society is struggling and in many places even on fire, while politicians – even the elected ones – can not connect with citizens and find the right answers to solve this. The trust of citizens in politicians is fading, the public canvas spiky.

*Pantone™ color.